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Our intimate knowledge of Wisconsin law allows us to serve you in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

Who is Falk Legal Group? Take a step into our office to discover the personality behind our work. From our vintage “Lincoln on Lincoln” greeting you as you enter our foyer, to the custom pool table in our main work area, the hand-selected art and surprising furnishings mimic the creative, impeccable service we provide to our clients.

With knowledge of and experience in all 72 Counties in Wisconsin, we provide trusted, skillful, systematic and efficient legal services in areas such as insurance law and commercial litigation.

Our Team

The Falk Legal Group Team

Excellent legal services depend on great talent. Our team strives to paint a picture of understanding for you, making the unclear certain and the abstract concrete.

Our Process

The Litigation Timeline

With the latest technology, we maintain a completely paperless and document-secure office, while ensuring each case travels through our litigation timeline swiftly and efficiently.

Want to know more about the people behind the process?