Our Process
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Our Process


Through paperless technology, advanced case management, and client-driven communication.

The law is like art.  As interpreters of the law, we are skilled in working within the nuances of the law – much like appreciating a work of art.  And like art, the law can be abstract, but our talent and processes enable us to provide our clients with clear answers and proven results.

With the latest technology, including cutting edge case management software, we maintain a completely paperless and document secure office. Our case management software allows us to provide frequent status updates to you, keeping you up-to-date on the developments in your case.


Each piece of paper our office receives is carefully scanned and saved to corresponding files within our file management system. This creates a truly efficient workplace, reducing time spent on manual tasks such as filing and copying. With information readily available at our fingertips, we have the ability to quickly access our files, allowing our team to expeditiously email or print documents for you in a timely manner.


With all of the files in our office saved to our server, you can be at ease knowing your information is safe and secure. Our system is also compliant with state and federal privacy laws, such as HIPAA, and is securely backed-up in case of a disaster.

The Litigation Timeline

The process that drives our work.

More often than not, people ask us what the timeline is for their case. While there are certainly fluctuations due to the unique nature of each situation, the litigation timeline helps to explain each major phase you can anticipate.

Incident, Loss or Triggering Event

A dispute can arise in many different ways, with many possible triggers. Be it breach of contract, loss, or other insurance or commercial related event, our firm provides legal-based investigative support and services.

Claim Investigation

Following site investigation or the triggering event, we team-up with our clients and consultants in investigation. During this phase, we gather the facts and opinions necessary to analyze the strengths and weaknesses associated with the event.

Case Analysis and Initial Demand

Having gathered initial information on the case, we can begin to paint a picture of understanding. In this phase we summarize the core facts, consultant opinions, evaluate the potential of each claim, and anticipate defenses. We also work to align our plan of action with your goals, including pursuit of resolution with the adverse party.

Commencement of Legal Action

When your goals cannot be met through pre-suit negotiation, we prepare and commence litigation. Our experience includes trial work in both state and federal courts.


Early in the litigation process, we conduct discovery to determine the key facts and law in dispute. We prepare and respond to written, fact and expert discovery in each case, regardless of how big or small the claim.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) represents a key forum for resolving some disputes. Most people are more commonly familiar with the term “mediation,” where the parties gather to informally attempt to resolve the dispute. Through case summary and assessment, we will thoroughly prepare you for the parameters of a potential resolution.


If the case cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom, we prepare the case for trial, where each party presents their case to a judge or jury for resolution. Although we treat all cases as if they will go to trial, most cases do resolve short of a judge or jury determination.


Assuming a favorable verdict or judgment, we work to collect the money awarded to you.   Although many parties pay upon verdict or judgment, many do not. Our team moves swiftly and effectively to use proven post-judgment techniques to convert and collect money awarded to you.

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